• PARIMAL CHANDRA BISWAS Adamas University, Kolkata, India
  • DILIP KUMAR CHAKRABORTY Adamas University, Kolkata, India



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Bhutan, Organizational Culture, Human Relations, manufacturing industries


Research Objectives. The researchers have put following major objectives in the study, which contribute to Industrial Relations, Human Resource Management and overall performance of the manufacturing industries in Bhutan. 1. To study Organizational Culture (OC) in manufacturing industries in Bhutan. 2. To do comparative analysis of OC in manufacturing industries of different ownership in Bhutan. Research Results. Study of OC show that “Human Relations” culture in the companies is at high level though “Rational Goal” culture and  “Internal Process” culture needs to be changed for better because  the way how organizations do things has never changed very much. They do not have cultivated properly “Open Systems” culture. The comparative analysis of OC in three manufacturing industries of different ownership shows that  “Human Relations”, “Rational Goal”, “Internal

Process” cultures  are better cultivated  in the private company than in both of the government owned company and the Joint venture. Practical Significance of the Research. The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that the results of the research can be used to reorient the Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management practices in Bhutan towards an innovative path of development. Innovative ideas, practices and recommendations in the study can be used to improve the Organizational Culture , Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, which will lead to better performance of the company in terms of higher efficiency and effectiveness on the one hand and on the other hand higher social and emotional well-being of  employees, which are the part of national goal of GNH in Bhutan. The results of the  research are of interest to Industrial Relations’ specialists, lawyers, as well as for management people, who are engaged in collective agreement practices and social regulation of labor Relations. Research materials can be used in the process of teaching Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Organizational behavior and other applied disciplines.

Біографії авторів

PARIMAL CHANDRA BISWAS, Adamas University, Kolkata, India

Ph.D., Professor, School of Management

DILIP KUMAR CHAKRABORTY, Adamas University, Kolkata, India

Ph.D. Research Scholar



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